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Your adventure begins long before The Global Corner teachers and volunteers arrive for the big day. In fact, the first step is to SCHEDULE A VISIT so we can secure a spot on the calendar. The program lasts 2 1/2 hours and includes an introduction to the focus country, and five age-appropriate activities. We can teach five classes per day, so depending on the number of classes participating we may need just a few days - or a few weeks. Once you reserve the dates, we will plan a pre-visit to become familiar with your school 's layout, number of children, the special needs of your students, and anything else to ensure that our curriculum meets your needs.

On the morning of our visit, The Global Corner staff arrives early to set up activities. The level of activities depends on the grade levels of classrooms participating. Classroom teachers stay with their students as they rotate through all five activities so they can learn along with their students. Parents and mentors are invited to attend and participate as helpers during the activities. We generally begin the day at 8:00, but can tailor the start time to meet your needs as required.

So far, children have journeyed to Japan, Spain, Egypt, Brazil, Russia, India, Italy, Kenya, and this year Australia without ever leaving their school! We have shared more than 51,000 virtual adventures with students throughout northwest Florida.

The learning adventure doesn't end when the visit does. Teachers, parents, and students are invited to visit our website where they will find a Teachers' & Parents' Resource Page and a Children's Corner that provide activities, downloadable documents, and links to websites related to our focus country.

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