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…the word China comes from the name of the Emperor who unified the country in 221 BCE? His name was Qin Shi Huang. Qin is pronounced "chin."


Welcome to our resources page. It includes a downloadable brochure about our Passport to China program that is available to schools in Escambia and Santa Rosa County, links to websites about China, activities that reinforce information included in our Passport to China program, a bibliography of books we found useful in creating our curriculum, and a link to our feedback survey.

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Website Links

This site provides translations with pronunciations.
Amazing photographs from China courtesy of National Geographic.
This website is about traveling in China with children, but contains so much information (from Confucius to Giant Pandas) about this amazing country that you’ll want to take a look.
This blog provides tons of info about China and her culture.
Activity Village has so many pictures to color and other crafts and activities to do. You will find things for children of all ages here.
If you would like to teach your students about the Chinese New Year, this is your resource.
If you want to learn a bit of Mandarin Chinese, turn to Learn Chinese with Emma for fun lessons. She teaches the numbers, colors, greetings and much more.
Mr. Donn presents Ancient China with lots of information: timelines and maps, stories from ancient days, and information about each dynasty.
Another great website about ancient China. Includes quizzes for each section.
Like DK books, this website has photographs, maps, and more information – all in an easy-to-navigate format. Well worth a look.

Great Books

These Books help you learn about China.

Recounts stories from the author’s life as a Peace Corps volunteer in Fuling in the 1990s. Honest portrait of life in China as an American.

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