The Global Corner Language Program

Many studies show that children who learn a second language early in life have advantages far beyond simply being able to converse in two languages. They show greater development in such areas as mental flexibility, creativity, and higher order thinking skills as well as showing positive results in many areas of standardized testing. This impact seems to happen regardless of the child’s economic status, gender, or race. The Global Corner’s Passport Program provides a taste of the language of each country visited, but doesn’t replace dedicated language lessons.

That is why we were very excited to bring Spanish lessons to students at Weis Elementary School last year. Our plans for this school year include expanding this program for more Weis students in 2016 - 17. Stay tuned for more information.

Did you know…

  • Students who study a second language at an early age consistently score higher on creativity and problem-solving tests than those without language training.
  • Students who study a second language show improvement in use of their own language, including structure and vocabulary.
  • Students who study a second language at an early age have better career opportunities in life because they have longer to hone their language skills than those who start learning a second language in high school.
  • In the US, 51% of private elementary schools offer foreign language while only 15% of their public school counterparts do. Parents with the wherewithal to afford it, know that a second language is a definitely advantage for their children.

You can make a difference today!

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