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Our Mission Statement: The Global Corner provides opportunities for the children of Northwest Florida to learn about world languages, cultures, and geography through innovative educational programs.

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In 2006, Lee Hansen retired from the Navy and wanted to change the world...or at least her little corner of it. With the help of a small group of like-minded people, The Global Corner was born.

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More than 57,000 Virtual Adventures So Far!

Since 2008, The Global Corner has been “Bringing the World to Life – One Child at a Time” for thousands of elementary school students each year. By allowing children to experience other cultures and languages without leaving their classrooms, we expand horizons for students who might never have the opportunity to leave their own neighborhoods – much less travel to other countries.

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"This opportunity was such an awesome experience for my students who barely have a chance to leave Escambia County much less travel the world. Global Corner provided a fun hands on way for our students to see a part of the world that is basically unknown to them. The music, costumes and pictures provide an experience my students would not get due to limited time and resources of the classroom teacher."

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…that The Global Corner has been “Bringing the World to Life – One Child at a Time” since 2008? Students throughout Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties have experienced “virtual adventures” to Japan, Spain, Egypt, Brazil, Russia, India, Italy, Kenya, Australia, and China – without leaving their classrooms.

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